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Betsy Block

Better Than Cake

Welcome to Better Than Cake

Hello, how are you, how have you been??!

I've been rethinking things since I wrote my book, “The Dinner Diaries: Raising Whole Wheat Kids in a White Bread World.” (It was a tragicomedy about trying to get my family to eat better.) Before I wrote my book, I saw food almost solely as a source of pleasure. After I wrote my book, I saw food as an important way I could, in my own small way, contribute to environmental health. Hedonism had finally collided with meaning. My whole approach to food changed. Eating became a way to help create a cleaner, better, more just world.

Now, I’m taking another step forward, this time in the direction of personal health. Food remains a daily source of joy for me, although I define joy differently than I used to. Now, it isn’t just about reveling in the moment. It’s about reveling in the moment and also feeling well afterwards. For most of my life I’ve been what you might call an inveterate cake eater – red velvet with cream cheese frosting, vanilla with lemon curd and raspberry jam, chocolate with a chocolate ganache. (Mmm.) But this approach has cost me in various ways. Since I’ve stopped eating so much cake, I feel better than I ever have.

In this blog I’ll be writing about things that are, for me, even better than cake. I should clarify that by cake I also mean cookies, brownies, candy, potato chips, wine, and sometimes, shopping. In other words, “cake” represents anything that seems gratifying in the moment but that can become addictive, harmful, or unhealthy.  Sometimes I'll offer up quick and easy recipes, other times I'll write about events or observations that are unrelated to food, but I'll always focus on things that are sources of health, both personal and planetary. I’m a born hedonist, but I’m also trying to become more awake, aware and healthful. Is this an impossible marriage? I would love to have your company and hear your thoughts as we try to find out.

I'm happy to be back! Please share your ideas, recipes, thoughts, updates!