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Betsy Block


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks to everyone out there for stopping by for this vintage Thanksgiving piece!

(I like how the word "vintage" makes "old" sound good, don't you?)

Speaking of thanks ...

"You know what I'm thankful for?" five-year-old Maya asked a couple days ago. "Water. No one ever says they're thankful for water."

(Not that she drinks water, but it's good to be thankful for it.)

"You're right!" I agreed. "What else are you thankful for?"

"Broccoli and spinach and water and my Hello Kitty washcloth -- and I'm grateful for Life. And for the world."

At this point I was getting suspicious that she was trying to earn points so I'd adopt a lenient dessert policy in the upcoming holiday weeks, but I try not to be a cynic, so I replied, "Me too, sweets. Me too."

She paused, mulling it all over, then added, "You are not. You're just copying me."

And so, in that same spirit, I wish you a joyful and happy Thanksgiving, not to mention peace on Earth.

No copying.