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Betsy Block

Stories without recipes

Big News!

Mama Cooks makes it into the collective unconscious! Becky from Massachusetts wrote in to say:

"Thought you'd get a kick out of learning that your blog was in my dream a couple of nights ago. My memory of the particulars is foggy, but I recall that I was talking to my children about a situation being "dicey" (a word I doubt I've ever used with them) ... and then my dream switched tracks and, all of a sudden, I was reading your column where you were writing something funny about dicing celery."

This makes me wonder: Is there a way to propogate Mama Cooks (psychically, of course) all over the world? And what does diced celery stand for in dreamspeak anyway?? (I have a few guesses, but none of them are flattering to me or my website.)